Applications Of ICT In Financing

 Applications Of ICT In Financing Essay

п»їApplications of ICT in Accounting

Accounting records

Most firms have accounting software packages to assist produce lawful accounts and reports pertaining to bankers and management, along with help with the day-to-day charge of its budget. which also offers modules to control, for example , salaries and debts factoring establishments. The main aspects of an accounting system would include modules like; invoice

Bought journal (trade creditors)

Product sales ledger (trade debtors)

Bank getting back together

Earnings forecasts

Producing draft accounts and trial bills


Traditionally used by fund departments to aid manage income, for financial institution reconciliations in addition to credit control. Any section holding a budget for expenditures and/or income would typically use a schedule to help produce the budget in the first place, and then to monitor earnings and expenses and any kind of variances. Credit control

Remember the work in Device 1, taking a look at managing income? Well, a lot of this function can be manufactured much more useful with computerised credit control. As businesses typically purchase from and sell to other businesses on credit rating terms, it is essential to have updated and accurate information about which creditors should be paid, and when money arrives from borrowers. Banking & payments

Companies are able to benefit from electronic financial which allows them to check their very own bank account information in real time – saving time and helping make sure that payments because of have been manufactured and received, and also to work the bank consideration within virtually any agreed overdraft limit. Significant and overseas payments could be made quickly and firmly with online banking, so long as the business possesses its own security investigations to protect against thievery by staff or by simply anyone else who managed to attain account information and accounts. EFTPOS Digital Funds Copy at Stage Of Sale is familiar to most individuals in the form of credit card readers that swipe credit and debit cards for repayments. This...

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