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White Water Trip Site Suggestion

Christopher Davis, Liquita Adam, and Leslie Williams


August 13, 2012

Linda Miller

River Rafting Site Recommendation

River rafting is known as a new sport that has received popularity recently. Because of this acceptance the river rafting organization has expanded. Our client is interested in opening a white water rafting business. Your customer has 3 states in which they are enthusiastic about Alabama, Georgia, and Va. The client has requested that the accounting firm research to determine which area would be best for their fresh rafting business. Research must be done of the legal ramifications of real property, personal property, business insurance and environmental concerns and restrictions for each site in order to make the website recommendation. Real Property and Personal Property

Real Real estate is the area itself and any building, trees, ground, minerals, timbers, plants, and also other things once and for all affixed towards the land. Terrain and properties are purchased as well as the owner might use, enjoy, and develop the home as he or perhaps she recognizes fit, be subject to any suitable government legislation. Buildings that are constructed on the property can also be real property. Personal property is tangible home such as products, vehicles, household furniture, and jewelry, as well as intangible property such as investments, patents, art logos, and terme conseille. Determining if the mobile home can be used pertaining to the office on the new location is important to the client. Therefore we would need to learn in every single location if the mobile house is considered real property or personal property. In Toccoa Atlanta real house can be purchased for approximately $150, 1000 for installment payments on your 2 miles on the Toccoa River. Placing mobile home on this terrain for any office would be regarded real real estate in Atlanta as long as the mobile house is titled to the same party that owns the land. The mobile house must be tied up and blocked in to be considered for commercial use.

In Cahaba Riv City: Mountain Brook, Alabama the duty assessing official makes the differentiation between true property and personal property by simply considering the manner in which property is attached to or secured with the location and the purpose for which the property is used. Intangible personal property includes a great owner's rendering of legal rights to house such as stocks of share, annuities, patents, market accreditation, etc . Intangible personal property owned by businesses is not taxable under the property taxes laws of the state. Organization personal property is considered Class 2 property and is taxed at 20% of market value. Their market value multiplied by simply twenty percent equals the analysis value, which is then multiplied by the ideal jurisdiction's millage rates to determine the amount of tax due. The State of Alabama publishes an individual property evaluation manual in order that basic strategies and types of procedures can be adopted in the personal items appraisal procedure (" Personal Property”, 2012). Land in Birmingham, The state of alabama is roughly around forty-five, 000 an acre. Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg Virginia is a mixture of rural and urban lifestyle. The water is located away a major highway leading north and south of the area. Is actually it also located between the capital Washington, D. C. plus the capital in the state, Richmond. It's a great area to relax and family with a nation feel.  There are main tourist's sites such as war battlefields,  art galleries and antique outlets. The portable home concern as an office would be considered real property in Va. Once the home or office t is crooked the vehicle and guaranteed on the ground it is considered real property. A lot run coming from $120, 000 up to $700, 000. 00

Business Insurance

It is also important that we research what each site location organization insurance requirements are. Business Insurance will protect the client and their property via damages and any unforeseeable circumstances.

For Georgia the following...

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