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Only 12 months in the past, I was lying in my bed, next to my wife, with my two kids right around the corner. A whole lot has changed since then. Take a look back into the past with me at night.

Toronto, Ontario: Recruiting Place, August 1914

The news is in, and The uk has reported war on Indonesia. This means Need to make a decision. Most of my friends, like Jeffery and Cam have already headed to the recruiting middle down on Bay Street to enlist intended for duty. I do believe that I will do the same, tomorrow. Fighting intended for my Nation has always been a thing I wanted to do. I do admire my father, because he fought pertaining to Canada. I'm thinking Let me head down with Jerry, cause his dad might give us a ride in the Benz. Gentleman, what a lucky guy! That is it for the moment. Nick

Valcartier, Quebec: Recruitment Training, Sept. 2010 1914

Really now my personal first week about training. Circumstances are fairly bad here. Having above 30000 persons here causes it to be even worse. It truly is bloody cold. This place can't handle Canada's temperatures. I are getting to know my personal equipment much better now. Although, I am starting to believe they cheeped out on all of us. This Ross Rifle can be horrible. It gets crammed every four shots which is going to be the most detrimental in trench warfare! We also received new footwear yesterday, the two for the right foot. Sometimes I wish we had the gear that Australia had, like a nice Lee-Enfield Rifle. Anyhow, I hope we could ship out to England soon. Exited for my up coming write up. Chip

Salisbury Plain, England: Recruitment Training, January 1914 I am being placed in my tent with not much time to publish, so this could possibly be quick. The southern part of England is usually pretty much what I was planning on, wet, dull and chilly. I have not been this kind of hungry since Christmas of 1906 the moment all the stores closed through the weather. I actually miss having big meals every night. We consume the same thing every morning below, beef stew. Anyways, we were placed under order of the English general, Sir Edward Alderson. He continues to be...

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