Ely Mine

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 Ely My own Essay

Ely Mine

EVSP 594

July twenty, 2014

Phyllis Langone Ph level. D.

Ely Mine

Executive Summary

The Ely Water piping Mine was mined coming from 1821 to 1920 erratically for copper mineral and during now it added trace factors and acid runoff to the streams and river about the mine. The mine seated idle for nearly twenty years when in 1942 the acquire was reopened during the conflict because precious metals like copper were needed (USGS Usa Geological Study, 2007). The Ely Copper mineral Mine in Vershire, Vermont has through the years deposited heavy metals and added acid my own drainage in abundance into the downstream river system. The exploration of the copper mineral has increased the amount of heavy precious metals in these avenues that subsequently create a difficulty called chemical p mine draining or AMD. Sulfuric chemical p is created the moment metals just like aluminum, zinc, cadmium, and copper sulfides are mixed with oxygen and water (University of Vermont, 2009). Can make its way into the streams and estuaries and rivers and can result in a threat not just in the environment, but the aquatic system through which it is money into. The damage and effect that can be produced by this toxic contamination can eliminate an environment. The damage to marine organisms including fish, and macro invertebrates can have got lasting and permanent effects on the life of the stream or water. There are ways to decrease the bio-accessibility via abiotic and biotic remediation methods. One is if the pH is usually lowered the bio-availability of the heavy alloys will relieve the stress and destruction of the pollutants. In this project we will attempt to discover ways for possible chemical remediation or phytoextraction. Beneath is a map that displays where the Ely Copper my own lies in your Vermont.

(USGS United States Geological Survey, 2007)

Trouble Statement

The Ely Birdwatcher Mine offers caused a destructive state that has influenced miles of streams and rivers downstream from the mine itself. This is certainly mainly because in the runoff through the mine spend and tailings. The sludge and chemical p mine draining has created a poor environment inside the aquatic environments of the waterways and fields and features either demolished or produced an environment non-conducive to underwater and marine life. Goal

The purpose of this project is usually to find alternatives to the convenience of the acid solution mine drainage, and the slowing of the heavy metals possibly through phytoextraction or even chemical substance remediation. We wish to slow down or stop precisely what is accumulating in the streams and rivers downstream of the Ely Copper My own. Also to assess the risks and damage completed the aquatic life along these same waterways and fields.


1) Research the aquatic species that surround the acquire and the waterways, also the macro-invertebrates that reside in the waters of Ely Brook, Schoolhouse Brook, as well as the Ompomanoosuc Lake. 2) Acquire data around the amount of chemical contaminants that previously exists. 3) Assess the options for remediation via chemical compounds or phytoextraction. Method and Approach

The strategy used will probably be taking selections from the mine waste and testing the sediment as to whether it is inside safe amounts or whether it contains harmful toxins and a top concentration of heavy precious metals that would have got a negative influence on either individual health or perhaps aquatic lifestyle. We after that ran chemical substance analysis within the samples via Ely Brook, Schoolhouse Brook and the Ompompanoosuc River and located that the the the stream sites failed.

The drinking water requirements only 3 of the 14 samples considered passed in the required recommendations for individual consumption. The acute and chronic aquatic toxicity examples that were tested were worse. The Ompompanoosuc River experienced some macro-invertebrate organisms even now viable inside the waters. Yet sadly for the most part the streams and estuaries and rivers downstream from your Ely Birdwatcher Mine were unable to sustain any form of life The landscape will not leave much in hopes of using phytoextraction there is hardly any foliage offered and precisely what is...

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