Frankenstein vs the Creature

 Frankenstein vs the Monster Essay

The main character characteristic between Victor and the animal is their love of nature. For instance , " My country, my own beloved country! Who nevertheless a local can tell the delight We took in again beholding thy streams, thy mountain range, and, more than all, thy lovely lake” (Shelley 52). Even though Victor is grieving over William's death, he still finds peace and tranquility through nature. The creature likewise indulges in the beauty of nature and he likewise finds peacefulness. " Quickly a gentle lumination stole above the heavens, and gave me a sensation in pleasure” (Shelly 75). The moment Victor kept the animal right after he created him, the monster had no-one to care for him so he fled to woods and found that nature enlightens him just like it does intended for his inventor. " The sky became clouded; nevertheless the air was pure, though chilled by north-east piece of cake that was then rising. But it renewed me, and filled myself with this sort of agreeable sensations…” (Shelly 134). When Victor through the woman creature in the lake this individual still identified fulfillment in nature. Even though both characters are self-centered in their individual ways, that they both have a gentle side in terms of nature. One particular difference involving the two character types is that Victor was raised in an environment full of love and compassion. The creature was left to die once created and had no one that loved him. Humans could run at the sight of him or try to harm him. Even though the creature only wants friendship with other individuals. " he aimed a gun, which this individual carried, at my body, and fired. ” (Shelly 108). The beast saves a little girl coming from drowning and yet her father rewards him with a bullet. Another big difference is that Victor has everyone in his your life yet principles non-e of these while the beast has no one in his lifestyle, but values everyone. " Let him live with me inside the interchange of kindness, and, instead of damage, I would give every advantage upon him with holes of honor at his acceptance. ” (Shelley 111). The animal just would like to be acknowledged by contemporary society....

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