Hinduism vs . Buddhism

 Essay about Hinduism vs . Buddhism

Cassandra Wan

History 9F

Religion Paragraph

6th October 2014

Buddhism versus Hinduism

While both Yoga and Hinduism are against war, the former discourages physical violence at all times, as the latter lets bloodshed in a few cases. Yoga is a gentile, submissive trust which encourages peace. A famous quote by Kamcupamasutta, a Buddhist mentor, proclaims, " even if thieves carve you limb from arm or leg with a double-handed saw, in case you make your head hostile anyone with following my personal teaching. ” The Juggernaut himself preached to appreciate your adversaries, regardless of how harshly they treated you. Hence, a faithful monk, named Thich Nhat Hanh, announced that he'd let him self be slain even if having been the last Buddhist on the planet, mainly because fighting back again would mean betraying the theories and giving way to desire. By a slightly more logical perspective, Hinduism facilitates the use of violence in self-defense. A quote from the religion's sacred text message commands, " may your weapons be strong to push away the attackers, may well your biceps and triceps be effective enough to check the enemies, ” (Rig Veda 1-39: 2). In another Hindu tale, Krishna tells Arjuna to fight since the warrior's dharma, or responsibility, calls for that. Also, the god reassures the soldier that his soul will be kept o; only the human body would be injured. Thus the ethics of Buddhism prohibit killing of any kind; the ethics of Hinduism, yet , allow war under two circumstances: self-defense and obligation.

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