General Recommendations on How to Write a Biography Essay

A biography essay tells the story of a person’s life. It gives you an opportunity to learn more details ad opinions about a particular person – a politician, writer, artist, actor, inventor, historical figure etc. The objective of this task is to disclose who a certain person is and what their contribution were to the world.

A good biography essay includes a well-developed thesis statement about one person and supporting paragraphs with details about their work and life. It ends with a conclusion that demonstrates the impact this person has made.

You should include the following basic details about a person:

  • Date and place of birth and/or death.
  • Information about the family.
  • Accomplishments made during life.
  • Crucial events of life.
  • Historical significance, impact/effect on society.

Selecting the Subject

You should write about a famous person in a biography essay. As you need to do research about this person make sure you can find enough articles and books about them. The best thing is if you’re interested in this person, which will simplify the process of preparation for you.

The more you read the better picture you have about a personality you’re writing. Different writers and journalist will have various opinions about a person, so it is good if you can acquaint yourself with many different visions. During the research make notes of interesting information, names, events, and dates. Also include strong opinions particularly if they contradict or oppose your subject. The source of information for your subject can be the following:

  • Newspaper articles.
  • Diaries.
  • Letters.
  • Reference books.
  • Histories.
  • Other biographies.

Writing an Outline

Biography essay usually follows a standard format of five paragraphs unless otherwise instructed by your professor. The outline helps to structure information you collect making it easier for you to decide what ideas to include in your essay.

Many biographies are written in a chronological order. Some of them focus on a main theme, like ambitions and achievements.

Crafting Introduction Paragraph

Introduction is your possibility to make readers get excites about what you have written. This can be achieved by applying various attention hooks like:

  • An exciting story or anecdote about a person you’re writing.
  • A quote about or by your subject, which discloses the meaning of who that person was.
  • A great accomplishment the person has achieved.

Developing a Thesis Statement

Books on how to write a biography essay state that thesis is the foundation your essay is based on. So pay special attention to this part. After a motivational beginning devote two or three sentences to your thesis, which should indicate the main message of your work.

Paragraphs of the Body

Information you have collected is included in this part. Stick close to the theme you presented in the thesis. For instance, if you’re writing about Marilyn Monroe, include facts about her troubled childhood, marriages, and abuse of prescription pills. Also describe her interests, films, and lifestyle. Inclusion of contradictory information will provide more complex and complete picture about your subject.

Writing a Conclusion

This is a part where you warp up your essay and drat findings about your subject. Don’t just restate your statement or the points you made in the paragraphs of the body. Instead, connect their work and legacy to the modern life. Address the following questions:

  • What was the contribution of your subject to your selected field?
  • What is the legacy of your subject?
  • How is your subject remembered?
  • Is their work relevant today?
  • Who or what they influenced the most?

If you wonder how to write a biography essay of great quality keep in mind that in order to do that you need not only include well-known facts about your subject, but also preset information, which is little-known. Do deep research to find out interesting facts about your subject.

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