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Lifelong Learning 28.08.2019
 Lifelong Learning Essay


Precisely what is lifelong learning? Lifelong learning is not a new strategy; it can be traced back to early in the twentieth century. At this point it was thought to mean extra extras following formal education had stopped (King 1999).[1]

It assumed that most formal education might fulfil a lot of the individuals' requirements for operating life. Today however , it is less common for individuals to carry on in one office for the whole with their employment existence. Instead they need to expect to modify and change towards the fluid working environment present in world today. Which means that education as well must be ready to change and adapt their particular delivery to accommodate the market, to get no matter what beliefs we have regarding education being about richness it is also about fitting persons for an employment market and universities need to deliver employed graduates. Lately the 'master concept' of lifelong learning was followed by the United Nations Educational, Medical and Ethnical organisation (UNESCO) in 1970 (Tight 1998). Though Governments are embracing the ideals of lifelong education there is a threat that it is emphasis will be changed to work-life learning (Jarvis 1999).[2]

Ongoing learning has become broadly understood to be including most aspects of learning experience during life, if formal, relaxed or non-formal (Candy et al, 1994). Others include limited the meaning of ongoing learning to contain only those learning encounters that are intentional and goal-directed (Knapper & Cropley, 1991).[3]

From the obvious above, we can assume the evident to clearly noticeable that definition of lifelong learning is the continuing development of understanding and abilities that people experience after formal education and throughout their very own lives.


Did the lifelong learning begins at school? I Don't agree. Lifelong learning begins with parents. In the event parents go out with their child and teach those to be curious and take the time to answer their...

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