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Quote| Whose line is it? | Edit this quotation in your own words or describe what it means| What does this kind of quote reveal about the character's frame of mind, or what is going on in the play at that moment? | ‘Fair is usually foul and foul can be fair. ' (Act 1, Scene 1)| The Witches| When a lot more deceiving people. When things are not as they seem. | They were planning for the prophesy of Macbeth. | ‘…but all's too poor: For fearless Macbeth – well this individual deserves that name – disdaining lot of money, with his brandish'd steel, which in turn smoked with bloody performance, like valor's minion created out his passage til he encountered the servant; which ne'er shook hands, nor bade farewell to him, right up until he unseam'd him from the nave to th' grinds, and fix'd his mind upon the battlements. ' (Act one particular, Scene 2 18-25)| Captain| Macbeth should get to be called brave as they killed the best choice of the rebels and caught up his go on the fort wall. | The captain is exited, pleased and admired about Macbeth. He could be ignoring his own injuries | ‘…this supernatural soliciting cannot be ill, cannot be very good. If sick why hath it given me keen of success, commencing within a truth? We am Thane of Cawdor. If very good, why will i yield to that particular suggestion in whose horrid picture doth unfix my frizzy hair and make my sitting heart topple at my steak, against the make use of nature? ' (Act one particular, Scene three or more 138-145)| Macbeth| Am I in order to use the witches prophesy, am I to go further in what it is said? Will I always be punished just for this? | He has just turn into shocked at how the nurses prophesy has started to pertaining to fill itself, and that kind of shocked by it. This is said when Macbeth was named Thane of Cawdor. | ‘Present fears are much less than awful imaginings. My own thought, in whose murder is definitely yet nevertheless fantastical, mixtures so my own single express of guy that function is smothered in surmise, and nothing is definitely but what is not. ' (Act 1, Scene three or more 147-152)| Macbeth| My mind will go insane and seeing points that relate to murderous thoughts. | That shows that he is becoming a coward...

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