Murakami and Loss

Murakami and Damage 06.09.2019
 Murakami and Loss Dissertation

" Impaired Willow, Sleeping Woman” utilizes a series of brief stories to present persistent habits that elicit significant emotional responses towards the memories and experiences throughout the text. In " Man-Eating Cats, ” " The Seventh Guy, ” and " Tony a2z Takitani, ” Murakami offers three powerful tales of characters who also experience an abrupt, sweeping damage that proves emotionally devastating and propels them into varying says of solitude, guilt, and irrevocable relish. The " human shaped emptiness” defined by Murakami is a steady presence inside the stories stated and deepens the shallow, observatory events that are described. By providing this kind of link between the three reports, Murakami produces a nostalgic sense of damage that creates an responsive view from the characters' unexpected void.

In " Man-Eating Cats and kittens, ” the abrupt closing to the narrator's adulterous romance forces him to hold on his conscious reality when he is pushed more deeply into a condition of nothingness. The narrator has entirely " collapsed” into Izumi and their your life together, just like the old girl mentioned at the start of the history, leaving him with no true individual sense of himself. Izumi all of a sudden leaves, and her words comes to him saying " The real you has been enjoyed by the cats. While you have been standing here, individuals hungry cats have devoured you…All that's left will be bones”(Murakami 128). He also wonders, " Where is a real me? ” and lastly feels " the tips with their rough tongues” licking " the gentle folds of [his] mind” as his " intelligence flickered like a flame and faded away”(Murakami 128, 130). These striking images from the cats devouring Murakami highlight the continuous loss of him self after the unexpected loss of his mistress. His complete emptiness as a human being is expressed in the picture of his bone tissues, the only thing kept to keep him standing, nevertheless that clearly lacks the flesh which enables him who have he is. The void that the narrator experience in the history leaves him feeling...

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