Learn Where You Can Find Competitive Prices

The value of every order and the time of its writing are individual, depending on the complexity, level, and urgency of the paper. The exact cost and timing of the task will depend on the particular project, so we can only give you rough prices for the most frequent types of orders.

For example, a custom-written paper prepared in the period of 10+ days will cost $12.00 for a high school level, $14.00 for college students, and $17.00 for university students. However, if you want to get your paper within 12 hours it will cost $24.00 for high school, $28.00 for college, and $34.00 for a university level. Thus, to get a better deal you should post your order as early as possible before its deadline.

For several years our service has been helping students and we have developed a flexible pricing policy, which we constantly adhere to. Every year we only improve it by offering you a possibility to get a professional and high-quality material and save considerably at the same time. And it is indeed practicable.

It is crucial for us to establish an accessible value for all kinds of papers. We aim at ensuring that the cost of any paper prepared by our writers is as accessible as possible.

We give a chance to get discounts for customers who buy several papers (the amount of the discount is talked individually with each client).

Also, you can get reductions if you tell your friends and acquaintances about our site. If a person is interested in our services, then upon purchase of a paper and their reference to you as a referral, you will receive a discount (the terms are negotiated individually).

Also you get price reductions if you our returning customers. In this case the amount of the discount is discussed individually.