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Worlds aside

The movie " Worlds apart” is aimed by Niels Arden Oplev, and produced by Thomas Heinesen. The movie is written by Sten Bille and a young girl, which life the movie is founded on. The movie is known as a documentary, meaning that the movie is founded on reality, and reflects the earth as is that. The movie is all about a girl labels Sara. Sara is 18 years old and lives in a family of 6. The family is a part of Jehovah's witnesses, and is a very religious family. The family contains a close bond and is always together, before the father constitutes a mistake. Concentrate on is so terrible that in respect to their faith, the parents can pick to get a divorce. The mom cannot forgive the father's mistake, therefore she causes the children to choose which father or mother they want to live with. The children decide to live with their particular father, since they cannot discover why their mother will not reduce their father for his sin. One day Sara would go to a party with her best friend, Thea. At the party Sara meets a boy named Theis. They fall deeply in love, and Theis stick to Sara home after the get together. Sara explains to Theis regarding her hope and its rules, but he's willing to take those change. Sara's father discovers about their romantic relationship, and he takes Sara to The Parents, so she can get help. The Parents determines that Sara needs to end her relationship with Theis. Nevertheless Theis will never give up, and join the Jehovah's Witnesses, so they can end up being together. Their love develops, and Sara tells her family that she is transferring with her mother, yet is really relocating with Theis. The Parents and the rest of her family members find out about Sara's lie, plus they expel her from Jehovah's Witnesses and from the family. Sara climbs into an argument with Theis, and decides to hightail it from anything, also her faith. Sara is a seventeen year old girl, who has brief brown curly hair and blue eyes. The girl was born to a family ended uphad been a part of Jehovah's Witnesses is priority. In the start of the film Sara would go to business school,...

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