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I received my Bachelors of Great Arts Level in Skill & Style in 2006 via [my university]. As graduating, I've held two artist residencies and performed as an arts educator in impoverished urban and rural communities. These experience have made me personally crave a chance to affect even more people in new areas with my work, which explains why I would like to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree. Ireland has a rich, 10, 000-year-old history. I want to investigate a history of Glasgow's shipbuilding sector. I was fascinated by earlier known as industry based urban areas, and exactly how the populations once in these industries (whether it is shipbuilding in Glasgow, steel in Baltimore, or perhaps cars in Detroit) change and are affected differently during the height, fall, and restoration periods in the industrial-economic switch. For a performance artist, the Glasgow College of Fine Art provides the perfect academic and cultural environment. The GSA's strong support of learners creating operate a variety of media, especially time-based work and performance, make it a perfect match for my personal approach to artwork making. The college is a small , highly targeted international community of performers that promotes socially involved artwork. Several of the School's faculty people, a number of which are activities artists, have received or been finalists intended for the Turner Prize. Since the focus of my personal work is definitely on the reenactment and creative exploration of community histories, I actually seek to analyze under Jules Roberts, Edward Stewart, Stephanie Smith, and Alan Currall. Roberts is well know for her works of art that research objects linked to medical organizations. Edward Stewart and Stephanie Smith are performance performers concerned with researching the politics of personality and sexuality. Alan Currall is a master of employing his life, relationships, and surroundings while creative media. I am eager to see how my job responds to, benefits from, and is challenged simply by an entirely fresh academic and cultural environment. I assume my operate the...

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