Briefing Note towards the Board of Directors

 Briefing Take note to the Table of Administrators Essay

п»їBriefing Note to the Board of Directors

Recommendations on Integration alternatives


The goal of this piece is to focus on to the Unionville General Clinic (UGH) board recommendations to for the usage options with one or both of the two neighboring hospitals. It is visible that the wide array of integration choices could be conceivable, there has to be defined the best options for likely adoption that may address the overall lack of will certainly by the various other parties for any formal (corporate) amalgamation. Absence of will certainly could be because of their not being sure with the type of amalgamation being adopted. Current Situation

Inside the wake of growing number of service stresses due to financial pressures, human population growth, and aging, the UGH Plank of Owners had hoped that the establishment of the multi-year Hospital Responsibility Agreement together with the LHIN will be significant in solving the year-after-year ambiguity of funding levels plus the uncertainty of looming loss and major balancing among service requirements and functioning costs. This kind of however would not turn out to be the case. Even though UGH had achieved the service volumes measured in the responsibility agreement, this kind of turned out to have been performed at the expense of different " unmeasured” programs and services. Evidently, all three hospitals are struggling the same fortune as was confirmed by simply LHIN. From your meeting with the three Plank Chairs, a contract was struck to support discussions by their managing teams, forcing for the use to better the hospitals' assistance provision for the local community. Yet , we have to determine which the use options with one or both these styles the two nearby hospitals can best suit all of us and be acknowledged by the additional parties. History

Within the LHIN environment, the way to find three hospitals including Unionville General Clinic (UGH) offering many of the same programs to their communities. The three hospitals showcased are regarding 20 to 30 minutes via each other. In the same...

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