Special Education: Augmentative Interaction

Special Education 06.09.2019
 Special Education: Augmentative Communication Essay

Julie Ketcham

December 19, 2011

Exceptional Education

Augmentative Communications

Augmentative Communication embodies methods accustomed to replace or enhance speech and or publishing for students with impairments in those groups. It is utilized for many impairments including desapasionado palsy, autism and mental impairment. Augmentative Communication is important for those who need temporary or permanent aid. The initially use of Augmentative Communication was around the fifties and improved during the 1950's and 70's. This was thanks to the west, the moment inclusion of disabled children and adults into the culture started.

Several forms of Augmentative Communication incorporate body language, talk generating equipment, adapted rats, the PECS system and more. Anything that will help someone with impairment, speak or compose is generally included. Body language and sign dialect are a great strategies to communicate with people who cannot speak at all. Conversation generating devices allow the consumer to choose terms to say through pressing a button or taking a look at a word, and it will speak for these people. This is a very helpful technique for people who understand yet cannot speak orally. The PECS system includes a pair of pictures generally attached to a book, filled with photos and words that match. This system can be specific to the user, but it allows the user to pick images or phrases from the book and give to others to talk. This can be utilized even to create sentences. There are many great Augmentative Communication methods and with the technological community, we are getting even more advanced.

For my student in Lothrop fundamental, we utilized body language which include sign vocabulary, and an I-Pad because forms of conversation. While Lea could claim few phrases including Certainly, No, Mom and Hi, she could hardly communicate to us just how she was feeling or what your woman wanted. Indication language was a way for us to start being aware of what she planned to do and a way to demonstrate to her what your woman needed to do. Sticking to a schedule and...

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