Taiwan Taxi's Icall Program

 Taiwan Taxi’s Icall Program Essay

As people, I your different conditions when stage goes on. During the past times, require a taxi is definitely uncomfortable and in many cases a dangerous factor. On one side, drivers will not wear uniforms and attired sloppily when driving, this cause a less-than-professional photo. On the other side, vehicles were often dirty and smelt distressing. The most important, there are some cases involved drivers carrying out crimes against passengers. Nevertheless the situation transformed a lot. The drivers happen to be people-oriented. You can see drivers use uniforms which in turn made them be seemed very professional. The cars are clean and roomy. The drivers provided personal service including buying breakfast for clientele without recharging extra. Moreover, taking taxi become more secure than before. If they are ferrying girl passengers, they're not going to depart until their passengers were securely in their homes. When Taiwan Taxi expanded into telecommunication, as individuals, we can make use of a mobile phone to book a car or truck, this is much convenient intended for ours. We can make full use of a chance to work better, live better. Second, we can choose one day travel through taxi cab. If you live alone, this is an excellent idea. In many cases, the service was stuck in the tour package. Third, we can acquire some music CDs, well-liked books, live performance tickets and special advertising items (such as healthy food, USB hard drives, cosmetics and clothing) from your cab motorists. Maybe while i am taking a long distant route, I will buy some thing I just want to get. Except this kind of, we as well buy drinks, food etc from the taxi cab driver. Next, we can use taxi while express delivery. For example , the next day is Mother's Day, and can phone the call middle to book a taxi to send blossoms to express each of our sincerely thanks a lot. We can also use LCD display screen to search for restaurants, check out the most recent news, search for entertainment hot spots or take part in online shopping. When ever comes to the route, in the past, towards the strange passengers, they can't say for sure the route hence the...

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