Tapping Untapped Country Resources in Bangladesh

 Tapping Untapped Rural Resources in Bangladesh Essay


The value of foreign remittances in the economy of Bangladesh is more popular and requires small reiteration. Along with the readymade garment (RMG) sector and nonfarm activities in the agricultural sector, remittances had been identified as one of many three crucial factors which were responsible for lowering the overall incidence of low income in Bangladesh. The volume of remittances coming from Bangladeshi migrant workers surpass USD 12 billion in 2011, a determine which dwarfs the amount of annual foreign immediate assistance received by the country. But sadly most of the volume of the arranged remittance can be used in non-productive investment. So it will be quintessential for us that we get ways to utilize this huge amount of resource we currently have.


The objective of this paper is to find out beneficial and powerful means for tapping these untapped remittances and using these in new gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming ventures to bolster the domestic economy of the nation.

Current Circumstance of Remittance in Bangladesh

Who is mailing remittances? Worldwide remittances happen to be sent generally by three large, yet distinct types of migrant. Firstly, there exists an important, largely American and British, Diasporas of well-educated, high or middle cash flow earners. Second, Diasporas of Bangladeshi source belonging to the low-income or jobless segments of the population as well exists in industrialized countries. Thirdly, we have a major selection of migrant laborers, who are residing for the specific period of time in Middle section Eastern (mainly Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait), South-East Asian (Malaysia, Singapore) and a few industrialized countries. The first two groups amount to more than a million emigrants, while in the previous 29 years about three or more. 8 million Bangladeshis had been officially registered as migrant laborers.

What is the quantity of remittances? Between 1976 and 2002 Bangladesh received US$ 40, 400 , 000, 000 in established remittances. Within the last years established remittances include increased to approximately US$ 12 billion annually. Most international remittances come from the Midsection East and therefore from temporary migrant workers. Saudi Arabia makes up about more than 45 per cent. The diaspora likewise takes a large share, together with the USA accounting for 18 per cent in the remittance flow. Besides official channels, cash is remitted by hundi or hand carried by migrant or friends or family of the migrant. These types of informal stations probably similar the amount directed by formal channels. The former are often more rapidly, cheaper (also in terms of exchange rate), easier, more accessible and more confidential compared to the latter. Nevertheless , they can become less trustworthy.

The remittance market of Bangladesh continues to be showing a reliable growth regarding incoming remittance volume. According to the article stated earlier, in the initial 10 months of FY 2006-07, volume of manpower foreign trade stood for 0. 42m, showing 83. 14% surge, compared to 0. 25m in FY2004-05 [7]. In FY2005-06, the number stood in 0. 29m, current year to year growth is around 16% [7]. Furthermore to reaching higher foreign trade earnings, the nation witnessed a 44 percent growth in remittance revenue during the initial quarter of 2008-09 financial year compared to the same period of the previous money year [11]. The other documents of remittance earnings within a month happen to be $820. 71 million in July and $808. seventy two million in March of year 2008[11]. An overall total of being unfaithful, 81, 102 Bangladeshi people went in foreign countries in 2007-08 fiscal 12 months which is regarding 74 percent above the previous fiscal year figure, Bangladesh Bank stats [1] display[11]. According to the statistics, on monthly average basis more than seventy eight, 000 Bangladeshis went in foreign countries in 2007-08 fiscal year. The physique was 46, 000 in the last fiscal yr [11]. Non-resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) directed $2. 345 billion to Bangladesh between J uly and September of 08, according to the Bangladesh Bank stats.

What are remittances used for? From...

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