Language Demystified

 Vocabulary Demystified Essay

Language Demystified

(Godfrey R)


As we aren't a native speaker of English dialect, we often appreciate at individuals that speak The english language fluently and assume that speaking English is something solid and it is an art to acquire or reach that level. Although English is really a language similar to other vocabulary that we know. Any vocabulary for that matter can be an Abstraction of Thought. The Purpose of any language is usually to communicate your conceived thoughts to another person effectively and understandably. This demands an excellent list of words and phrases in that particular language so as to express all those thoughts for more clear and lucid conversation. As we know, connection is a two way method. Expressing thoughts, and deciphering others' ideas when they exhibit it. On one hand we have difficulties finding the right words to express the ideas and on the other hand we have difficulty interpreting this is of terms being sent to us. Below arises the need for accumulating more words as possible. And this applies to British also. We call this ‘words' which has a fancy jargon called " Vocabulary” and the most of us happen to be scared of experiencing this word. But once you go through this vocabulary stuff, I hope I remove the mystery that, and you simply yourself will say that, " Vocabulary” does not deserve being afraid of.


Vocabulary in the simplest term is ‘words'. Your terminology is the phrases you know and may use. The richer and more copious one's vocabulary as well as the greater your awareness of great distinctions and subtle nuances of which means, the more suitable for farming and specific likely to be their expression of thoughts. Likewise, the more extensive your vocabulary, the better are the chance for success. Increasing vocabulary turns into very easy and enjoyable should you be really committed to do that. Below we present a comprehensive list of strategies and tools that could help you transform your life vocabulary on a faster charge. The strategies given below have their own limitation when ever used independently. But when applied together, provides the potential to let loose tremendous strength that takes you to a different level in language learning.

Strategies to be employed

Tips, Knowledge and words

We all learn new words once we acquire understanding of a new issue. Words are always associated with expertise. The same is definitely the ideas that are associated with terms. In the process of identifying concepts, we unknowingly learn fresh words. It is evident whenever we analyze the phrase learning with a child. A typical child discovers about 2000 to 3000 words in a span of 1 year. But when they get older, their word learning plummets. The reason behind this is the fact that, after they were kids, they look for more tips and know-how as they are inquisitive in character. But once they reach a threshold level, they prevent seeking for expertise and tips; as a result the phrase learning diminishes. Also, whenever we get to know more details about a expression, it will occupy larger space in memory which becomes stable in

brain and stays once and for all. You will start employing the word subconsciously. The more you understand about a person, better would be the chances that you just remember his face. Related is the circumstance with the phrases. To acquire more knowledge about anything, understanding the phrase origin turns into critical. All of us call this kind of study since " Etymology”

Every expression has existence and so is definitely the birth of words and phrases. Learning the birth or origin of words brings interest in word learning. Weight loss learn a thing that you hate. If you utilize Etymology pertaining to word learning, you'll start off loving terms and will become Lexicophilic or maybe a Lexicomaniac. Etymology is learning root words and phrases from Ancient greek, Latin and other languages. Learning one basic word makes certain that you can understand the meaning greater than ten words on an typical. A ‘Root' as its brand suggests is known as a word or word portion from which various other words develop, usually by adding of prefixes and suffixes. Say as an example; take the phrase ‘Vocabulary' alone. The root of the word is usually ‘voc', a Latin basic meaning ‘word' or...

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