The Romanticism of Joker

 The Romanticism of Don Juan Essay

Byron -- Question 4

In Don Juan, Byron mocks many of his Romantic contemporaries for their style. According to Byron, poets such as Wordsworth and Southey were excessively showy. Thus, Don Juan was a way to poke entertaining at the romantic tropes these self-interested poets utilized. As an example, Byron uses " romantic” language to describe Donna Julia, saying, " Of many charm bracelets in her as natural/As sweetness to the flower or salt towards the ocean, Her zone to Venus, or his ribbon and bow to Cupid” (437-439). Then again he shows the parenthetical please note that " …this last simile is definitely trite and stupid” (44). However , although Don Juan is certainly a critique of romanticism, it is romantic in nature because it should go against conference, contains a main character which includes some aspects of the passionate hero, challenges society's views, and provides a self-aware narrator. Romanticism is around going against convention, and Don Juan certainly goes against convention with regards to romanticism and in terms of an epic. One particular convention that Byron goes against is that of typical male or female roles. A large number of romantic poets stressed the independent guy who was touching nature wonderful sexuality. Regarding sexuality, females were typically the ones acted upon. For instance, in Blake's The Little Girl Shed, a young harmless girl understands about sexuality from the " masculine” lion. However , in Don Juan, this kind of pattern can be deviated by in that Juan is certainly not the seducer but rather the seduced. He would not have to look at any wiles or tips to bed any of the females he runs into because he is the fact irresistible. Therefore, the women take on the more assertive role to be the " pursuers. ” They also take the active role in saying their expert and independence. For instance Donna Julia, unlike Juan, struggles with her conscience and also stands up to her husband when he suspects of sleeping with Juan (which she has been doing), declaring, " To get in silence I possess suffered long/ A partner like Alfonso on my side/ Is...

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