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 Sony Vaio Essay

Marketplace analysis of the trademark: Sony Vaio

The conventional paper analyses the manufacturer SONY VAIO under the following category: 5. Total market size (current and future)

* Industry growth level

* Business of own brand

2. Competitors

* Pricing of own and competitor brands

* Market profitability

* Industry price structure

2. Distribution channels

* Industry trends

5. Key success factors

Business Summary:

In short, this assignment deals with market analysis of the brand ‘SONY VAIO'. It protects the concept of industry size, industry growth charge, market share, competition, pricing, sector cost structure, distribution programs, market developments and SWOT analysis with Sony organisation.


Sony Firm is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics items that include audio tracks, video, communications and information technology. Sony started out producing computer systems in eighties and withdrew from laptop business around 1990. But with increasing competition in pc segment and to diversify its electronics business Sony re-entered the global market with VAIO brand. VAIO is an acronym pertaining to Visual Audio tracks Intelligent Organizer which indicates the brand's positioning like a product that performs about both online video and audio tracks front. The VAIO company logo also presents the integration of analog and digital technology while using ‘VA' addressing an analog wave as well as the ‘IO' which represents a digital binary code. Sony Products:

Volvo has a number of products starting from electronics products, games and entertainment. In brief Sony numerous be grouped in the next major product categories: 1 ) Television and Projectors.

installment payments on your Home online video.

3. House Audio.

four. Home Theatre system.

5. Portrait digital photography.

6. Hands cam video camera.

six. Computer Peripheral.

8. Lightweight Audio.

being unfaithful. In-Car entertainment.

10. Cell phones.

11. Storage space and Documenting media.


The economical development of India has surged in the...

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